Rob na LA Dance Project

27. září 2012 | 17.59 | | autor: diana98

 V sobotu   byl Rob na LA Dance Project. Jde o taneční projekt Benjamina Millepieda (manžela Natalie Portman). Kromě Natalie se Rob vyfotil i s Ditta von Teese, oblečený měl oblek od Gucciho a na akci pil pivo Coronas a kouřil elektronickou cigaretu. Více v pokračování..:)) 

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Before a crowd that included Dita von Teese, Chris Evans, philanthropist Wallis Annenberg and Robert Pattinson (drinking Coronas and using an electronic cigarette) , Millepied 's LA Dance Project company performed three pieces, including a new piece by Millepied (with costumes by Rodarte) and a dark, Shadow work by the late legendary Choreographer Merce Cunningham that had not been performed in 50 years. (...) Portman and Millepied, plus von Teese, Pattinson and around 120 other guests, attended a pro-performance dinner at Disney Concert hall Sponsored by Van Cleef & Arpels and then all hung out for the after-party in an event area off the main lobby. Pattinson - who is friends with Portman and Millepied and is said to live near them in Los Angeles - told THR that he loved the performances but can't see himself ever dancing in a film: "I was Inspired but I know my limitations . " If he'd had to dance for a role, "I wouldn't have gotten it."

From :  @ KTLTran

For all the Robert Pattinson fans: he 's wearing Gucci and drinking Amstel Light @ vancleefarpels dinner tonight at Disney Hall 

Více foto a informací Zde :) 

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